We are actively seeking new partners with investment strategies that meet our strategic and commercial objectives.

Supporting providers of equity capital

We support the UK’s venture and growth capital infrastructure by investing in commercially viable funds.

Our programmes are aimed at investors of venture and growth capital. They cover a diverse range of investment strategies, both in terms of the technologies, industries and sectors targeted and the stage of investment – from seed and start-up funding to later stage venture and growth capital. The current portfolio is comprised of companies active in:

  • FinTech
  • Deep Tech
  • Enterprise Software
  • Cyber Security
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Life Sciences


VC Catalyst

“We have started to build a diversified portfolio of funds investing across multiple technologies which are bringing long-term capital to companies at different stages of their development.”

Christine Hockley Director


Managed Funds

“Our Managed Funds programme invests in large-scale funds of funds, run by experienced managers, to boost the amount of patient capital available to the UK’s high-growth businesses.”

Catherine Lewis La Torre CEO, British Business Investments


Our Partners